10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Insurance

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10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Insurance

September 16, 2018 / 368 Comments / 1416 / Insurance
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Buying a car insurance is no mean feat. You have to do a lot of research, talk to a lot of insurance companies and agents, a lot of agents will call you offering their best services, and among all of them – you have to choose the best, as per your requirements and preferences. What may seem good to you may be the best to some and not so good to a few more others. Vice versa, what may not seem a good option to you may be considered as a great option for a lot of others.

While all this is said and done, you must know that vehicle insurance is mandated in almost all the countries, and for those where it is not vital must have by the Government, it is still highly recommended. However, it is easier said than done. While you are all set to buy a car, you should also start planning for the best car insurances as well. There will be a lot of small companies that offer good and bad insurances and even the big companies will offer the same. The choice is yours! But, what are we here for, if we cannot help you out of the soup of confusion?

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Insurance

Comprehensive Policy

The insurance shall be able to fully cover you – your belongings, your car and co-travellers against the damages and losses occurred from unforeseen calamities, hence it is a mindful decision to purchase the car insurance that offers a complete package.

Free From Third Party Agents

Dealing with insurance agents can be quite a daunting task because all the agents have their personal agendas and they push us for their different policies in order to earn good commission. In short, these agents can never be as impartial as we want.

Cashless Facilities

The car insurance features shall be easily available on the go. So, when you repair your vehicle, you can easily make an online claim by opting cashless garage facility and the insurer will directly pay to the garage. The insurance shall be so easy to use, that it takes hardly any time to avail.

Insured Declared Value (Idv)

Your vehicle is valued by the insurance providers in various stages, they do so in order to gauge its present value. The insured declared value is that value, once depreciation is deducted from the original value of your vehicle. So, the lower the idv, the lower the premium paid. But, don’t forget that this might cause trouble while making claim. In such a situation buying car insurance online can prevent this problem even before it’s rise.

Wide Policy Options

When you buy vehicle insurance, you must be aware and shall look out for wide policy option where you can even compare policies. One easy option to do this, is to choose the virtual world. You can get a completely customized service where you can choose those features that suit your requirements and build your own package based on your needs.


It is advisable to buy a car insurance provided by a well-known brand because they would surely have all their safeguards to protect your data. At the same time, you will have to be careful, being a good brand, the policyholder will make sure that they never share your policy details with anyone online or offline.

Network Repair And Garage Centers

This is an interesting fact, and a lot of people tend to ignore this pointer. You must have a look at the list of garage centers the car insurance is able to link you with. Are the centers really good enough? Are they worth the price you paid for the car insurance? These are some questions that you must answer before you hit the line of opting for a car insurance.

State Policies On The Car Insurance

Well, well – this is definitely a very important factor to consider before buying a car insurance. You HAVE to look at the laws and policies that revolve around car insurances. This is vital as it directly effects not only the basic requirements of the insurance, but also the car insurance rates, premiums and other related policies.

Insurance Renewal Policies

It is imperative that you have a vigilant check on the renewal policies of the car insurance. Also, have a look at the mode of payments they offer and the ease of paying the insurance premiums every month.

Different Options Of Premiums And Discounts

Last, but not the least and surely a very important factor to consider before buying a car insurance is the options of premiums that you are being offered. Also, have a look at the best prices that the car insurance company is able to bring to the table. What more, are the premiums fitting into your budget?

Now, that you have an extensive list of things that you should consider, before you finally settle in for a car insurance, do your research well and select nothing but the best!

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